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World of Warcraft 100


Acidic WoW Bot
World Of Warcraft Bots

This bot will do:
Refilling Life/Mana
Wait until it's safe to attack (Life/Mana regeneration if not refillers are available)
And More!

Windows XP with the Default Windows XP Theme

While in WoW, go into your Video Options, then click the "Default" button. Restart WoW if needed. Then back in your Video Options select Window Mode, with 800x600 resolution.

Move your character to an area with a decent amount of enemies/creatures of a level that can be handled fairly easily that will still gain you decent experiance.

Run the program, and just let it run. You can-not use your computer as it runs. For emergency exit, press CTRL+ALT+X

Will NOT work with melee classes. Will only work for casters. Currently developed and tested on Mage class with Frostbolt (Key 2) and Fireball (Key 3). You MUST have casts binded to Keys 2 and 3. It is reccomended that Key 2 be your weaker of the 2 casts (A slow down cast such as Frostbolt), and your stronger of the 2 casts set to key 3 (eg. Fireball)

- Changed: Made all specific color matching into wide ranges. This should work for all those that had issues before. Please let me know how it works.
- Changed: Life/Mana/Rage reading proceedures. Now looks for a range of colors per bar spot, not just a single exact color.
- Added: Enemy/Creature Life Monitor
- Fix: Loot attempt discontinues and attacks if a new enemy/creature starts to attack while attempting loot.

Additional Features To Come:
- Advanced wander algorythm to ensure random movement without wandering too far from the general area.

Acidic WoW Bot Demo v0.67


World of Warcraft