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World of Warcraft 100


World Of Warcraft Bots

based on Blizzbot 1.1 by n1ce

Forceshock gamehacking-interpreter required!

People who just want to use the bot should download the package.
People who want to develop the bot should download the sourcecode.
It is now much easier to develop tinytoon with the include() command Forceshock 1.002 provides.

TinyToon Source v1.5
TinyToon Package v1.5
TinyToon Source v1.2

original Bot (blizzbot v1.1) and some math by n1ce
All hacks and most of the math by Outlaw
A lot of bugfix info by paledim
US/EU 1.3.1 modification by n1ce
1.4.0 modification by Joreallean
optimized combat by deeper (v1.2)
toon object by deeper (v1.2)
optimized engine by deeper (v1.2)
optimized for Forceshock 0.999 nice (v1.3)

Extra fame goes too:
catvir and brainiac2k for reversing WoW since the beginning :)


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