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World of Warcraft 100


World Of Warcraft Bots
by Outshynd

You are using Overseer at your own risk.

Overseer is a utility for use with World of Warcraft for educational purposes only. Overseer allows you to track almost any creature or person in the game on your minimap, as if you were a hunter. It may or may not be considered a "hack" and may or may not result in your account being banned, for which I take no respon-sibility whatsoever.

This utility is designed to work with:
World of Warcraft v1.4.0 (4341). [US]

This utility may also work with:
World of Warcraft v1.3.1 (4297). [US]
World of Warcraft v1.3.0 (4284). [US]
World of Warcraft v1.2.4 (4222). [US]
World of Warcraft v1.2.3 (4211). [EU]

The following can be tracked:
Mechanicals *NEW*
Slimes / Misc


Q. The program is not allowing me to click any of the CheckBoxes, what can I do?
A. This program makes use of pointers that are sometimes very unstable. Try walk- ing a few steps, changing zones, running indoors or outdoors, logging in and out, closing and reopening World of Warcraft, and even restarting your computer (in that order) if you cannot get these to work. Please contact me with any bugs you may be experiencing, or if you are having any trouble. Contact info is provided at the beginning of this document.

Q. What does "File -> Keep Tracking On" do?
A. Since this program only writes to WoW's memory when you check or uncheck a checkbox it does not have to be running for the tracking abilities to be enabled. By setting "Keep Tracking On" to On (a checkmark will appear next to the menu item), the program will not reset your Tracking and Finding abilities to zero when the program exits. By setting it to Off, as soon as you close the program, you will no longer be able to track anything. This may be useful if you have to quickly turn Tracking/Finding off to avoid detection, though I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Q. WHat does "File -> Automatically Update Pointer" do?
A. Since the 1.3.0 (4284) patch, many users have been complaining that this program crashes WoW frequently and without notice. By keeping this setting off, Overseer will not continuously access WoW's memory in any way. It will find a pointer at program start, and then you need to manually update it by either setting a Hotkey via "File -> Hotkeys..." or by clicking "File -> Update Pointer" each time you change continents or enter/exit an instance. It will then loop until another valid pointer is found and re-enable Tracking/Finding. I recommend only turning this setting on if you are using this program with any WoW Version before 1.3.0 (4284).

Q. What does "File -> Update Pointer" do?
A. Read above.

Q. Can you please explain Hotkeys?
Hotkeys will allow you to make changes to this program quickly without minimizing WoW. There are 16 Hotkeys available in this version:
- Toggle Tracking On/Off: Temporarily turns tracking off or restores it.
-Update Pointer: Use this to re-enable tracking after changing continents or exiting or entering an instance.
- Close Program: This will immediately close Overseer.
- Enable All: Turns all tracking on.
- Disable All: Turns all tracking off.
- Enable All Except Critters: Turns all tracking except critters on.
- Toggle Track x: Check or uncheck the corresponding box.

To set a hotkey, go to "File -> Hotkeys..." and select the action you'd like to hotkey from the list. Next, click the "Set Hotkey" button and then press a key or combination of keys. The hotkey will be set when you press a key other than Ctrl, Alt, or Shift.

For example, if I wanted to set "Close Program" to Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+F12, I would first go to "File -> Hotkeys..." and select 'Set "Close Program" Hotkey' from the dropdown list. Next, I would click the "Set Hotkey" button and notice that its text changes from "Set Hotkey" to "Press Key Combination or Click to Erase Hotkey." I would then press and hold Ctrl, press and hold Shift, and press F12 to set the Hotkey. If I later wanted to clear that hotkey, I would select it from the list and click the "Set Hotkey" button twice to clear it.

Q. I absolutely cannot live without this program and I would like to show you my undying gratitude! How would I do that!?
A. Donations are always welcome, though never necessary. My paypal address is outshynd at gmail dot com.

Changelog for Overseer:

v1.5.0.3 [4/19/05]
- Changed the hotkey setup, added more hotkey-able actions
- Added functionality for Wow US Client 1.4.0 (4341)
- Added Track Mechanicals
- Removed the console, for now. Will add it back later if I get a lot of complaints.

Changelog for the former WoWTracking (Overseer's father program):

v5.0.8 [:3/30/05]
- Added Hotkeys.
- Gave user option to turn off Auto-Updating of the pointer. This should make WoW crash less. (I've been questing for the past four hours while
updating this program and have not crashed once, though I'm not sure if it is fixed or not.)

v3.5.7 [3/29/05]
- Reworked the OpenProcess method slightly in hopes of a fix to the crashes that have been happening to just about everyone, lately. (Note: this has not been tested as of the writing of this document, so this release is still considered a beta release in need of testing.)
- Added ability to save the text residing in the Console as a *.log or *.txt file.

- Fixed an issue with the console adding text to the point where the user could not scroll down.
- Added ability to keep tracking on or off after program is closed.
- Added Console
- Beefed up the reliability. It should automatically re-find a pointer and re-enable tracking after changing instances/continents.
- Changed GUI slightly.

- Added compatibility for WoW US Client version 1.3.0 (4284).
- Bypassed WoW's new Anti-WriteProcessMemory protection (which also makes WoW.exe not show up in TSearch).
- Added the ability to track Slimes and other "Not Specified" creatures.

- Added compatibility for WoW EU Client version 1.2.3 (4211). [Thanks to alklas]
- Will remember which Client Version you chose.
- Added About dialog.

- Fixed a bug where tracking would continue to work after program was closed.
- Added the ability to find Herbs, Minerals, and Treasure.

Overseer v1.5.0.3


World of Warcraft