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World of Warcraft 100


PMGFusion Speedhack and Telehack
World of Warcraft Hacks

You are using PMGFusion at your own risk.

The features of the program are as follows:
-Combat teleport
-Track Creatures
-Track Items
-No Fall-damage
-Cheat-detection Proof Functionality

This allows you to run and swim 2x the normal in game rate. No more long journeys!

Combat Teleport:
Warp between four different spots. This will be HUGE help in combat. Easily record four zones, then use the hot keys to instantly teleport between them. If you have a ranged combat ability, this will allow you to kill most mobs without taking any damage.

No Fall Damage:
Donít like fall damage? Good, it's gone.

Cheat-Detection Proof Functionality:
This hack has been programmed to be undetectable by the infamous Warden, or anything else Blizzard uses. This is tried and tested. This doesnít make you immune from GMís though so please, bot responsibly.

PMGFusion v1.1.94


World of Warcraft