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World of Warcraft 100


World Of Warcraft Bots
by Faldo

Use this hack at your OWN risk!
It violates the EULA or World of Warcraft but is in no way illegal.
If you get detected useing this hack, you will most likely be temporary baned or permanently baned.

- Speed hack: Run/swim/mount up to 200% of normal speed.
- Comabat teleport: Reccord spots and warp between them having your foe run around, not being able to hit you, while you kill it with ranged
attacks. Download movie
- Track creatures.
- Track items (treasures, quest items etc.).
- No falldamage. Download movie
- Lock speed to countermesure stuns.
- Anti-cheat-detection proof (codewise).

- Unzip Syndrome from the zip archive.
- Run WoW and enter the world with your character.
- Alt-Tab out to windows.
- Run Syndrome.
- Let the crypto engage the first time (automaticly) and run the hack again.
- Alt-Tab back to WoW.
- Use the hotkeys or checkboxes to trigger the hacks.

Default hotkeys:
Ctrl+F1: Normal speed (100%)
Ctrl+F2: Cheetah speed (150%)
Ctrl+F3: Cheetah speed x2 (200%)
Ctrl+F4: Toggle track all creatures
Ctrl+F5: Get location 1
Ctrl+F6: Get location 2
Ctrl+F7: Get location 3
Ctrl+F8: Get location 4
F5: Warp to location 1
F6: Warp to location 2
F7: Warp to location 3
F8: Warp to location 4
F9: Toggle no falldamage
Alt+R: Refresh functions

For Syndrome to work properly you will need to have the following:
- A clean installation of Windows XP SP2
- All settings, paths and names in Windows should be DEFAULT.
- A clean installation of WoW, UIs and modifications MAY cause Syndrome to malfunction (ie. CosmosUI etc.).
- Syndrome was designed to work with official versions of WoW, private servers are NOT supported.

Version 1.1.9:
- Update for WoW 1.92
- Fixed some bugs and optimised some functions

Problem: 4 seconds after i start Syndrome it bails out with an error message.
Solution1: Make sure your character is loged in to the world before you start Syndrome.
Solution2: Reinstall WoW without any UI modifications (ie. CosmosUI) loded.

Problem: Syndrome seems to start ok, but when I try to use the functions, nothing happends.
Solution: Some UI modifications (ie. CosmosUI) can mess up the hotkeys in Syndrome, delete the "interface"-folder in your wow installation to correct the problem.

Problem: When i zone in to an instance or change continent, Syndrome stops working.
Solution: Use the hotkey ALT-R to refresh the functions in the new zone.

Syndrome v1.1.92
Syndrome v1.1.84

World of Warcraft