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World Of Warcraft Hacks

You are using WoWTeleport at your own risk.

WoWTeleport is a memory injecting program for World Of Warcraft that manipulates memory *offsets* and intern granting your character special and unique abilitys.

Currently WoWTeleport will allow you to instantly teleport beneath the world keeping your character under the world allowing you to travel anywhere you wish undetected by players or creatures so in other words you can enter a instance and teleport under the world and run all the way up to the main boss and kill him.

Here is a list of what WoWTeleport can do for you:
Teleport - Teleport to plane and roam undetected.
No Falling Damage - Never take any falling damage.
Water Walk - Allows you to Walk under water instead of swim.
FollowNPC - Lets your character auto follow any NPC or Creature.
Mountain climb - Grants your character the ability to climb any mountain.
No Dazed - Your character will never take the effect of getting dazed or take any form of movement rate reduction.
Levitation - Will allow your character to levitate a couple of feet above the ground, and it will keep you levitating while walking/running until you disable it.

Location Masking- This is a very complex option, when you enable Location Masking it will totally *Stop* the Client from knowing where exactly your character is Location wise, so it will intern stop all or any Clientside flags from knowing your location, preventing any one from client side teleport bannings or any Location type hacks.

However there is a extremely strong side effect, when you attack a monster that mob will be hitting you in the opposite direction of your character.

So in other words you would be attacking a creature but instead of being infront of the creature you will be behind him attacking him, while the creature still thinks you are infront of him [Thus allowing you to do other creature type expliots and can be highly abused].

But be warned, other players will *see* your character attacking him from behind, while the creature thinks you are infront of him, and if you get a add it will be highly noticeable since he would also think you are infront of him. So once again becareful if you use this option.

Movement [Fall] Logging-A option to detour the Movement Falling log string, incase it does happen to call or trigger something. Its just there for precautions basically if you use No fall dmg you may want to enable this.

How To Use:

To run WoWTeleport just download it, and unzip it to your desktop or anywhere you wish, run World Of Warcraft, Minimize out and open up WoWTeleport.exe then just click away!

To teleport under the world/walk under the world, hit Teleport, to warp back up to the surface hit Return.

To Use FollowNPC enable it and then just target and type /follow.

WoWTeleport v1.9 (for client version US 1.3.1)


World of Warcraft