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Bubba's Warcraft Hack
World Of Warcraft Hacks

This is a hack for World of Warcraft that I decided to write for educational reasons and my own need for a more user friendly hack. I want to thank the Mobius people for inspiration and everyone that has giving me bug feedback and feature suggestions. This hack wouldn't be what it is today without you =) The source is provided freely so you can modify it in anyway you see fit.

- character position control
- character teleportation
- character speed control
- pc/npc/treasure tracking
- no fall damage
- mountain climb
- lock speed
- zero gravity
- teleport to plane
- follow npc
- corpse teleport

- complete WOW integration
- camera slew mode
- teleports always completed
- intermap teleport protection
- variety of teleport hotkey support
- customizeable list
- WOW version independent

- saving sucks
- tree view sucks

Bubba's Warcraft Hack v1.5 (for client version 1.7.0)
Bubba's Warcraft Hack v1.3c (for client version 1.4.0)
Bubba's Warcraft Hack v1.3b (for client version 1.3.1)


World of Warcraft