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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

How I bought my Own mount - level 40

I'm no expert and some of this is very obvious, but it might be interesting info for some of you. Who knows?

Anyway, I'm a human mage on a low-pop PvP server. When I dinged 40, I had enough gold for my mount and most of my level 40 spells (that tapped me out, but next day I was back to ~ 17 gold).

Generally speaking, this was what I did:

- loot *everything* you kill (use shift-click to auto-loot stuff faster of course). Sell junk to vendors. This kinda goes without saying. NOTHING is too small to loot, unless your bags are full.

- invest in 10-14 slot bags as you are able to afford them, because this lets you collect much more loot per run, which you then of course sell for more money.

- I took mining and skinning. I got a lot of my money by selling stacks of iron and heavy/thick leather. Iron bars was the biggest money maker for me. Big time.

- rather than sell Iron in a stack of 20 for 1.5 gold, sell 4 stacks of 5 for 55-65 gold. Net income: 2 gold + (this is dependant on server economy).

- skin *every dead animal you see that is in your level range* (at level 35 I didn't bother skinning animals that gave only light leather, but for example if I ran across a dead tiger in STV, I'd go out of my way to skin it if I could).

- Once I could mine Iron I didn't even bother with copper or tin. Also, I never did "mining runs" - I simply mined it when I saw it.

- grind on animals as much as possible - STV is great for this. Tigers/Panthers drop the coarse whiskers and Mistvale Gorillas as well. So you get the 6-8 silver loot AND some skin for each kill you make.

- At 39 I went near those Ogres in southwest badlands and killed Patriarch Ridge Stalkers for their whiskers and thick leather. There is also a large amount of iron in this area.

- I avoided spells I didnt use (for example, I haven't bought Amplify Magic or Fire Ward yet...). I upgraded equipment *conservatively*, only spending 1-2 gold every few levels. My equipment is all very nice.

- When posting an item, I look at the lowest buyout price and price in that ballpark. So if the lowest price for a stack of 20 copper is 30 silver buyout, I price at 28 silver.

- I avoided pricing in even numbers or at "5"s because they mentally sound higher. For example, 34 silver is more likely to sell than 35 silver just cuz it sounds a lot lower than it really is. Hard to really explain this little mind game, but I can tell you I sold *everything* i put up. My friend, who prices higher, got lots of auctions returned unsold.

- I used the same buyout pricing for green items I sold.

- I *always* use a buyout price.

- Everything I sold was via the AH

- I used all the cloth I found for first aid. Didn't sell any. Still made lots of cash (relatively speaking).

Anyway, this is how I earned enough to buy my mount at level 40. Your mileage may vary, of course, but hopefully this is vaguely useful info.

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