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Herbalism Farming

Well with the rise in demand for warlocks epic mounts and other ther epic mount needs, ghost mushroom and elixer of shadow power are in very much demand right now on Dalaran server.

ghost mushrooms are pretty rare compared to most herbs... and only found in caves... i stay in the caves in hinterlands for an hour at that skull cave with oozes, and i can farm about 7 - 10

i take em back to AH and sell em each for 1.75 or 2g depending on if any one is selling mushrooms too.

people have been selling elixer of shadow power for 10 - 15g

shoot... it's only 15s at the alch vendor in stormwind...

but the demand for these are high coz of a warlock epic mount quest...

i've seen a stack of 5 go for as much as 25g

sell em in singles for 3.5g you can't go wrong.

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