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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

40 gold an Hour - Requires Teleport

Before I start, let me make sure you know that you can get banned, my account being proof of that.

Basically, a while back I saw a post on how to make 3g an hour using wowwarp, and I took that a little further and ended up being able to make 40+g/hour. On the first day I got my technique down, I made over 600g in one day.

I had a lvl 54 rogue, combat spec. Due to the high DPS of this type of character, I have no idea if this will be workable on your character or not.

Here is a layout of what to do, and a video showing one run:

First, get and install Mobius.

1. Teleport to outside the SM Chapel instance, then go in.
2. Teleport to Whitemane, kill him, loot the 2-3 greens.
3. (see video) Teleport to the back room behind the Scarlet Commander.
4. Get the woman to less than 50% HP with 5 combo points on her.
5. She will put you to sleep, don't deselect her so as to keep the combo points.
6. When she comes back, evis her and select the Scarlet Commander.
7. Activate Evasion, Blade Flurry, and Adrenaline Rush.
8. SS + Evis as normal till they die.
9. Loot the blues.
10. Teleport back to the beginning of the Chapel instance and exit.
11. Teleport back to IF and randomally invite people until someone joins your group, then kick them out.
12. See step 1 (:

Step 11 resets the instance for you. This can be done a LOT faster if you have a friend or if you tell someone you will give them 1g if they let you occasionally invite and dismiss them from your group. each run will get you about 5-8g. It adds up fast. In the first day I bought all crit gear and a bunch of other crap.

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