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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

25 gold in 2 Hours - While AFK.

This probably isnt the most easiest strat to start, but i did notice that once i started it, i made quite a lot of gold. Basically, what you'll be doing is, selling savory deviate delights, which sell for 50s in my server (Cenerion Circle). Ok, since this takes steps, im going to provide them now

1. You must have a cooking skill of 85, and a fishing skill of 30 (? you'll be fishing in the walling caverns, I dont think it needs to be very high, people on thottbot said it has to be 30)
2. Once you have those two down, youll need the recipe called Savory Deviate Delight. You can get it by grinding various mobs in The Barrens, or, you can do what i did, and buy it in the AH for about 30-40g. Here is the link
3. Now you're ready, head over to the barrens, and go to the walling caverns, an instance in the barrens (levels 18-21 i think).
4. Start fishing inside the walling caverns with your selected fishing macro, or just fish, and dont use a macro at all. It really doesnt matter where you fish, it doesnt have to be directly inside of the instance portal, but i did find that i got a little more Deviate Fish (the fish you are looking for) inside the instace of walling caverns. *The Deviate Fish dont ALWAYS drop, but it seems to be about a 50/50 chance of getting them*
5. Make as many Savory Deviate Delights as you can, and you can sell them for 50 silver a piece in the Auction House.
Suggestion: You might want to be over level 40 to try this out, because youre going to pull a lot of aggro while in the walling caverns if youre lower, and youll have a harder time fighting off those elites.

The best thing about this is that you can go afk, i wouldnt suggest going afk all night, id be too afriad that id get a PM from a GM or something.. and get banned. Otherwise, youre probably going to be fine if youre afk for about 2-3 hours.. or however long you feel is right. Anyways, last night i popped in a movie, put a fish macro on, after the movie was over, i checked my inventory and there were 45 Deviate Fish, made the Savory Deviate Delights, and sold them all for a total amount of 25g.

Oh yes, i forgot to mention, the Delights can make you transform into a pirate, an assassin, a blob, it can make your cast time a lot faster... its random every time, but pretty interesting, and in my server, i noticed that a lot of level 60s like to buy these out and entertain lower levels in Iron Forge. I know this is a lot of work to get it started, but i feel it's well worth it in the end, feel free to post problems and questions you may have. If this is a re-post of some sort, im sorry, i searched for it and didnt find anything on it, it can be deleted if needed, no big deal.

Good luck 
REMEMBER, it is possible to get banned for using a 3rd party program, use at own risk.

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