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Tailor Guide - How to tailor for Gold

This MAY only work for horde... i cant confirm/deny alliance side of things

I tried to buy this pattern on the AH for nearly 2 weeks..... The robe is needed for a Warlock quest
It was NEVER there.... not too high priced for me i just NEVER saw one listed
I finally decided to go get one.... IT WAS A BITCH (about 3 hours of killing them and alliance... and being killed by alliance) but when i got it
all my work was worth it
if you read the recipie these can be made for pretty cheap.... but on my server at least.... i can sell these for between 5 and 10 gold a piece
initial time investment does suck...but it is easy money from then on......

I didnt want to sell the pattern, but i would assume after all that work that the pattern could fetch a LOT of $$$
I would have paid a LOT after the 2nd hour of trying..

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