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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

10 Gold an Hour - Level 42 or Greater

Okay well I've known about this little "problem" if you will.

The second you turn 42 head on over to the SM graveyard. (Please do not do this in a group or you will greatly reduce the ammount of loot dropped.)

Ok well at level 42+ your aggro is small enough that you can sneek by all of the humans in the first part of the graveyard. Make sure to ignore them...there not worth your time. Ok well now youll go up some stairs into the normal graveyard portion of the instance. Heres where the skill comes in. There are 3 main types of mobs here. Elite zombies (31-32), Elite polterguists (32-33), and best of them all (non elite) Unfettered spirits (level 31).

Ok well ignore both the elites...there not worth your time. The spirits roam in groups of 3 and are very easy to defeat, the thing is these non-elites drop loot like elites. On average youll get 5s a kill plus random loot that usually includes 1-3 silk.

In 2 hours i gained 18g and filled all my bags with uncommons and 2 rares. Plus over 150 silk cloth.

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