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Great Gold Farming - 50+, Western Wastelands Graveyard

There is a graveyard on your right entering this zone. It has level 50-52 Undead in it. These undead can drop upto 3 runecloths each which will sell for about 5 gold per stack. They can also drop upto 6 silver a kill. Being a mage tailor I quickly made enough mageweave to make 5 runcloth bags which im selling like hotcakes for 8 gold each, took me about 3 hours. I also made about 4-5 gold in silver drops. and got a few nice weapons and armor to boot that sold for 4-5 gold each. all in all I made about 100 gold or so in 3 hours. so about 33.3 gold an hour, not bad if ur savin for your epic mount.

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