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Magecloth - 8 Gold an Hour - Best Farming Spot

Looking for Magecloth?

In our long running tradition of specific "cloth" mania strategies, here's a great location to rack up a TON of magecloth in a relatively short period of time.

On the continent of Kalimdor, in the province of Tanaris you'll find the Dunemaul Compound.

Within this compound you'll find various level 45-48 orcs of the Dunemaul variety. Each of these mobs has a very high probability of dropping 1-4 magecloth stacks per kill, in addition to 1.5-3.75 silver per kill. This is a very densely packed area, and most every mob can be pulled "solo". I was able to pull in over 100 magecloth per hour, along with 2-3 gold per hour.

Selling stacks of 20 magecloth on my server nets me around 1g per stack, so that's about 7-8g per hour and some excellent XP!

For a specific map of the area I'm talking about see the following link:

I've spoken with a few "professional" farmer as well who work for some of hte larger currency sales sites, and this is an area they farm themselves on occasion. It's one of the few cash "sweet spots" in the game. Of course, considering the level of the mobs you need to be at least level 44 to farm this area. It's a great place to get started farming for that epic mount at level 60!

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