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Silk Mani - +3 Gold per Hour

Well we have a linen mania so I decided to write a silk mania!

Make sure your level 24-26+ because this place isnít cake.
Make sure you have a healing potion or 2 incase you get yourself in a bad situation
Clear out the inventory!
You can do Dragonmaw war banners while doing this:


To start off you need to get yourself out to the Angerfang encampment which is highlighted by these white boxes at
Once youíre out there youíre going to want to buff up/get ready because the spawn rate is pretty fast! You can usually find one isolated from the group so pick that one! Well after about 20 minutes or so while doing Dragonmaw War Banners (Alliance ) I racked up like 20-40 silk cloth(1.2g-1.6g on my server) They drop in stacks of 1,2,3, and even 4 off of these guys! I suggest selling these silk in the AH or making Silk backpacks out of them and selling them in the AH!

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