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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

Farm Pearls in the Wetlands - Great gold - Level 20-30+

When you exit Menethil Harbor head north to the area with Bluegills (lvl 20-25). Easily killed as long as you avoid the Oracles. They drop and item called Thick Shelled Clams around 30% of the time that can be opened like a bag to find one of three things Tangy clam meat or clam meat is the common item but can be stacked, you can also find small lustrous pearls and the occasional "Iridecent Pearl" which can be auctioned off for 1-3 gold very quickly as they are used very often in trade skill items of high quality. I've personally made 10-15 gold off these in just a very short time spent doing the bluegill quests, not to mention other drops that sold to vendors. My brother has also made a large amount.

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