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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

Money Recipies

One of the ways I've found to be very profitable is limited purchase schematics and recipes. People are very lazy and don't want to be
bothered with Thottbot or take the time to travel to some of the remoter locations you have to go to get these things. About a week ago
I found the friggin gold mine from hell in a limited purchase recipe.

purchase pirce = 15s
AH price = 4g
profit per item = 3g85s
profit precentage = 2500% (ish)

This can be done by as low as level 15 if you are careful.

Now that you all are drooling, let's talk business....

In Duskwood in Raven hill there are 2 buildings that have an upstairs.
The Inn is one and another non descript building West of it. Upstairs is a goblin alchemy vendor. He sells the limited purchase recipe for
Shadow oil found here...

If youre on Bleeding Hollow, Im warning you now I camp the hell out of this guy and load up on these. I really hate to even share this one
but I'm always riding guys for not sharing stuff so here it is. You don't even really need to advertise it because people are always
browsing recipes. Don't be retarded and flood the market with 5 of these at once. The secret is making people think they are rare drops
thus the high price. Exercise a little common sense and we all can make bank off this.

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