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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

Huge Amount of Gold - Level 40+ - What Pro Farmers Use

Scarlet Monastery


FIRST room (torturer) spawns a chest. I've gotten a minimum of 3g worth of stuff out of it every time.

Get a partner.

Do it, leave, reset the instance, repeat. It takes less than 5 min. at level 44. Level 50+ should be able to just waltz in, get the chest and leave w/o having to fight anything.

Some sweet items spawn in the chest. Actually, on Thottbot it lists FIVE pages of potential drops.


Ok, I can solo the first chest with my 44 Hunter.

I go to the end of the hall and check the chest. If it's missing or locked, I or my kid did something wrong when resetting the instance and I lost about 45 biggie, I run out and start over.

I can actually walk all the way up to the chest without getting attacked, but there are 4 humans who bang on me as soon as I start to open it.

So I kill the two in the outside hall, then as I go into the room I jog right a bit and make my pet Stay next to the barrels (you'll see...).

Ok, then I target one of the four and send in the pet. Simultaneously I run toward the chest.

By the time my pet dies, I'm back out in the hall with the loot and on my way out the door.

I can see a real application for Target Dummies here.....

One other thing:
If you and your partner (not Life Partner...) are in the instance, the chest is unlocked.

If your partner is actually waiting at Warsong Gulch, the chest will be locked... OR the Instance reset will giltch..

So you need to ditch absentee partners before you go in.

Reset Instances

Hot tip in how to reset the instance

Write a macro that says:

/Invite xxxxxx (replace xxx with the person u ll use for this)
/Script LeaveParty()

You can use anyone to reset the instance like that. U must hit the macro before leaving, u ll know that is working when u get the message that tells u will be teleporte at xxx in 60seconds.

Is best if you do a /who to get a list of ppl that is doing SM as u can asume they are in a group. If the person you use is in a group they wont even notice that you are using them to reset the instance.

More Feedback:

Okay here is the deal I ran this thing for 1.5 hours last night and found some pretty cool stuff. I was running with a 60th druid and I am a 43rd warrior

1. Only go for the first chest. It normally has 1-2 greens some food, silk and a couple silver.

2. The second chest is all over the place and much time is wasted trying to find it half the time.

3. About every 4-5 time going through the 4 guys around the chest drop items like nuts. I am talking 2-3 green drops just for those 4 guys.

4. Kill the names torturer. he usually drops a green as well.

We couldn't get the instance to reset with the options given so we did the following and had no issues a single time

1. I invited EVERY time.
2. When we were done I transferred leadership and then dropped from the party
3. I invited him again.

I did these actions as well were running back out the door. We would get a countdown and I knew I was golden.

At the end of the run we decided to go over to the cathedral for a bit to kill the Sleeping punk. The drops are signifigantly betting on that side, but the fighting is stiffer as well. We did it more to completely fill our bags with a couple more greens. I made about 3-4 gold in silver drops and I have about 25-30 items for sale. Also got about 80 silk which doesn't sell well on my server, but I can sell it for 50s per stack I suppose.

To clear it up:

There at least 3 chest that spawn on that side. On being the in the Torture Chamber. Then there is one that will spawn in the courtyard area, it spawns either on the right or left side behind the little wall areas right as you come in. The last will spawns in the last part of this side down the stairs. As it was said sometimes these are locked, but someone posted awhile ago that this was a great place to use those extra gold bars to make keys. I am not sure if the gold skelton keys work but I do know that Truesilver ones do (always got 10 on me). There are also couple of chests that spawn on the Library side will take little more effort, but I have got some rare Blacksmithing plans in them like Weapon chain! One other thing has anyone ever seen or killed the rare spawn boss? Been thru so many times and have never seen him.


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