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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

Alternative to SM

This same strat can be applied to other instances as well! There have been posts about deadmines already, but the fastest way ive been able to make gold is using GNOME. Just apply the same strat (above) to gnome.

Gnome is located west of IF and is reccomended lvl 30+ for it. I reccomend lvl 35+ because the boss you will be killing is Viscous Fallout, a lvl 30 elite boss. He dropps the hydrocane staff that sells for around 90s, a dagger that sells for about 65s, and some other stuff. When you first get off the elevator (go down 1 lvl) take a right at the turn, then take a left. After a little walk, youll see an instance. Enter it and when you reach the big hole, fall down it. YOU WILL LOSE ABOUT 950-1050 HP! from the fall. find a nice corner, i like the NE one because only 2 mobs that can attack you in range, heal, then take the boss. loot, then stealth out! takes less than 5min a trip! Another good thing is in the "clean room" you can sell the loot from the boss.

I made about 20g today with little time played. easy for getting a mount. if your not yet lvl 40.

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