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Never sell to NPC's - Mule

Create Mules

Tailoring= requires linen/wool/silk/ruined silk

Just send all your items to that character and then lvl his tailoring up i never sell linen at the Auction house or any thing I just make stuff and sell to the NPCs you can make a killing or if get it high enough then you can start to make nice stuff that sells well

I am a 24 paladin 211 Blacksmithing 142 mining Uther server. Also a level 5 mage with 150 tailoring. I donít think you can go higher without getting lvl 10

However, I make all kinds of things and sell to the NPC's at Level 5.

In short all the drops of linen and wool and silk just send to your MULE and craft then sell then send money back to main character.

Since the beginning of the game after lvl 14 or so i have never had less then 5gold with the best equipment money can buy and anybody can make (ie) the shining sliver breast plate 230def 14str 8stamina lvl 24= uber and unique.

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