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Farming - Level 55+

In Winterspring there is a nice spot with 55-57 ghost spawns, they die fast, dont hit too hard and drop one very valuable item VERY commonly. They drop the Formula for the Icy Chill, in my experience I can get the formula in under 30minutes.

On my server people have been selling these in sets of 2 for the past couple of days and its kinda killed the market but if your on a new server this could be your cash cow, or if your on a server without somebody using this, lol. Iv checked 10-15 servers and most Auction Houses are largely lacking in that Formula, so your pretty safe that it hasnt been killed and even if it has the lowest price is around 25g still, so nothing to say no to Very Happy

<name>Icy Chill Farming Spot</name>

Go to that location when your on Kalimdor, although if your using this strat im guessing you know where Winterspring is, lol.

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